April 16, 2021
best out of MBA schol

Get best out of MBA school using these 5 Tips

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best out of MBA schol

5 Tips to Get best out of MBA school

best out of MBA school
Joining a Business school is dream come true for many career aspirants. It is important to leverage fully this 2 year journey and get the best out of MBA school.
I had the opportunity to share top tips to get best out of MBA school with students of SJM School of Management, IIT Bombay which is considered among the top  MBA schools in India.
Key Insights are :

 1. Academics:

Studies are non-negotiable and cannot be compromised at any cost.
Learn and build the concepts and go in full details.

Understand all the business areas irrespective of specialization as you need to interact with all the functions in an organization to make key decisions.


2. Position of Responsibility and Campus Activities :   


Choose 1 or 2 area of responsibility basis your interest and excel in them.  Make a difference in the responsibility and take it to the next level.

I was the Lead coordinator of Operations club and prepared club data base on case studies, company reports and prepared junior batch for summer placements by conducting Group discussion, Personal interviews and sharing feedback for improvement.

Get the best out of MBA school in campus infrastructure and facilities you are in. Participate in sports and extracurricular activities to the extent possible while managing the right balance. Interact with larger community and try to be part of entire campus than limiting to one specialization 

Area of specialization  : 

Best out of MBA school

Choose area of specialization basis your passion and interest and should be able to demonstrate it not only by talking about it but by virtue of actions that have been taken over the 2 years. One way to gain practical exposure in interest area is to do industry projects and visit retail stores. For example, a marketing enthusiast should be able to identify the challenges faced by company in a product which is not selling and recommend marketing strategy to turn it around. A Finance enthusiast should be able to analyze company performance by going through financial statements and annual reports and recommend its performance over next 3-5 years.


4. Prepare well for Placements and Interview to get best out of MBA school 

Always look to learn extra about which you can talk during placement interview.

Know more about the organization, sector and industry you are interested in.

I have gone through campus placements twice and both times during recession. Passed out Engineering  in 2002 post 9/11 and MBA in 2009 during sub prime crisis when global economy was under recession. I was fortunate to get the job although the process was not smooth.

Top insider Interview tips for campus placements are essential to ensure job preparation is in the right direction. 

Best out of MBA school

Sharing some interview tips basis my experience:

a. Know your function: Master the theory of your subject. Keep all concepts clear and talk like an expert.
Do industry projects to gain practical exposure. I used to visit retail stores to understand supply chain metrics and challenges in retail industry.

b. Know the company: Know company in and out. Visit website, study annual report and financials. How is company doing in terms of profitability, working capital and growth. How are the performance ratios.

Try to know new developments  going on inside the organisation. It will be available in analyst report shared by the company with shareholders. This will provide you an edge.

A company was implementing Theory of constraints project  in the organisation. I had read book ” The Goal” and talked about it during the interview and was finally selected 


c. Know your self: Be clear on your goals, priorities, areas of interest and what you want to achieve in career.


Strengths, area of improvement are the basis questions and should be well prepared.



d. Be flexible: If times are good, you will have plethora of options to choose from but if there are economic disruptions then it may be possible that you may not get job of your liking or choice.


Be flexible and more intent on starting your career. You will have time later if want to make career changes .

Getting good placement is one of the most important part to get best out of MBA school



5. Build a good profile and resume

Spend considerable time building a good profile and resume.

Top insider resume tips are important to build super effective and impressive profile for career jobs. Resume is your introduction to a prospective employer.


It is also public profile which makes or breaks the first impression.

Sharing top tips from my experience of helping out many candidates to build an effective resume.

a.  Profile Summary: Introduce a  profile summary on the top of the experience list to provide recruiter a glimpse of your experience and skill set. It should be impressive so that recruiter goes through the full resume and initiate for Interview.

It should add on to your  functional experience and showcase relevance to applied job profile 

b. Sentence Making : Don’t use more than one sentence to list down a responsibility or achievement .Use minimum possible words to create an impact sentence. Quantify responsibility and achievement and keep the sentence action oriented to demonstrate achievement.
c. Be Honest : Don’t overstate or understate your achievements than what they actually are. Be fact-based and honest with yourself. It will reflect in your confidence while interviewing for the job.

top inside resume tips for career jobs

d. Use keywords: to demonstrate relevance to operations and supply chain profile. Common used key words are processes, ,team management, logistics, manufacturing strategy, planning and execution, team leadership, performance improvement projects, vendor management, procurement, new products, material management, system, operations and quality improvements, inventory management, productivity improvements, Capacity planning, Budget management, Cost reduction programs project management and automation improvement projects.
e. Resume building takes time :  Remember, A good resume is not build in a day. It is a journey and requires persistent efforts and skill to build a good resume. This process may take weeks or even months. Frequently review every word and sentence to bring sharpness in the communication.

A good Resume should not exceed more than 2-3 pages.

Lastly, Don’t forget to use spell check feature to keep it error proof.

Challenges like Covid-19 are part of life and  you will emerge out of them stronger. Prepare well and take one day at a time. Learn from mistakes and improve and be ready to help and support each other

Business school is a great opportunity to learn and improve your personality and profile and these MBA tips can help a lot in getting best out of  MBA school during these 2 years.


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