Be Grateful for what you have

Be grateful for what you have
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Be Grateful for what you have

Be grateful for what you have


Gratitude is a positive quality and inculcating gratitude for what life has given to us is must for every being.
Expressing gratitude and being grateful is a heavenly quality and also improves our mental health and wellness.
Many times in life we are worrying about little things and getting annoyed about them.
We forget to look at what we have already got and always looking at what we don’t have.

This may lead to unhappy life as mind will turn into a negative mode and lead to stress and unhealthy thoughts.

This stress will ultimately impact our health and relationships.


Sharing a real life personal incident that helped me to learn to be grateful for what you have

and look life as the gratitude and treat life as a gift to be cherished.

I had just joined a reputed organization and was attending initial induction session.
It was a Human Resource session and conducted by one of the top notch industry leading HR professional.
Session was about best Human Resource practices in the organization and how Human resources enables a critical role in delivering business goals
As the session started , someone started hitting table repeatedly and creating noise
Noise was of  higher level and repetitive.

I felt irritated and offensive with the noise and could not keep my concentration and focus on the session.

But surprisingly all including facilitator continued to behave as if nothing has happened.
I thought that am I the only one hearing this noisy sound and no one else is able to hear it.

Or others are also hearing but not giving any reaction.

To comply with majority, I kept silent and noise continued to distract my concentration.

I looked at person making noise and thought this person is strange as he is disturbing all and not even aware of it.
But thought of checking about this noise after the session so as not to interrupt the session proceedings.
After the session was completed, I checked with a friend that why this person was hitting the desk repeatedly, creating noise and disturbing everyone.
He said: Don’t you know about him ?
I said: No

He said: He can hear but cannot see.

He was writing notes in code language.

He is from small town, reached so far by dint of hard work and determination and so far has made good mark in life
I was shocked as never heard something like that before.

My mind changed immediately and now I started thinking that how this person is so courageous and brave and proudly living life.

His life is full of trust even with strangers whereas we complain about little things in life.
I could not sleep that night thinking about his life that how he will manage small things.
how he will travel from one place to another.
I realized that biggest gift nature has given to us is eyes through which we see the world.

We take it for granted and like many other things don’t appreciate and grateful for what we already have.


be grateful for what you have


I summarized key learnings from this incident.

Gratitude is kindness and being grateful to others shows humility.

Understand full background & perspective about others before judging people

Don’t complain about little things.
They are essential part of life and they will keep on  coming in this journey called life.
Be grateful for what you have rather than worrying about what you don’t have.

Be Grateful for what you have and consider it as  gift of life.

It is your biggest treasure !


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Be the strong leader you deserve to be  !

Be Grateful for what you have !

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