What means Self Awareness ? ( 2022 )

Self Awareness
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What means Self Awareness ? (2022)

Self Awareness


Self awareness  and Knowing oneself has become all the more important in today’s world and it has also become increasingly difficult and complex.

Reason being people have become fragile in complex environment and ego and preserving self has unknowingly become all the more important.  And, it is the smartness of mind and ego which does not allow you to become aware of your own self

Understanding self awareness and becoming self aware is first step to drive self improvement.

Without being aware of our shortcomings and accepting it, how can we drive personal improvement


Have you ever listened to your body, mind and soul ?

What they speak ?

What are they going to tell you every moment ?

It is called awareness of the self

Self awareness will allow you to be more present in current moment, your intuition and sixth sense will improve, and you will be able to do more in less time.

You will understand things in better and clear way.

Billy Hybels said  that many leadership problems are driven by low self awareness. Leaders don’t know themselves well  leading to significant reduction in their effectiveness

Next question is how can Self awareness be improved ?

Self awareness can be improved with a calm and balanced mind which has the ability to focus on self without any biases and without any need to judge and act in prejudice way

First start to know yourself more and better. Know your personality strengths and improvement areas .

With awareness starts the journey of improvement

Behaviour can also be understood by observing it in difficult situations

For example

What are the situations you tend to avoid and why don’t want to face them ?

How to react during tough situations?

These observations will help you to improve self awareness

By  practicing awareness you can be more present and able to receive more information in a given time.

Another way of improving self awareness is  feedback.

Collect feedback from friends, family members and mentors.

Allow them to give you honest feedback and not challenging back what they say and simply saying Thank you

Reading self help books can also go a long way in improving awareness.


Sharing A story on  Self awareness

One day Buddha was walking with a disciple.

A fly sat on his head.

He was talking to the disciples and without paying much attention,

mechanically, he moved his hand and the fly went away.

Then he stopped, closed his eyes.

The disciples could not understand what was happening, but they all became silent as something precious was happening

His face became luminous, and he raised his hand slowly, and again moved it near his forehead as if the fly were still sitting there although  it was not there anymore.


The disciples asked, What are you doing ? The fly is no longer there

He said, but now I am moving my hand consciously.

I missed an opportunity of being conscious.

I was too much engaged in talking with you and the hand simply moved mechanically.

It should have moved consciously.

Now I am moving it as it should have moved.

That is what Buddha means to become so alert that even small acts, even small gestures, movements all become full of awareness.

Self Awareness Improvement helps you to understand what is happening and with informed mind you can take better actions and make right choices. It is the one of the biggest drivers to live a positive life


 “Self Awareness is the beginning of your journey to live a fulfilled life” – Anupam Shrotary


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