How I earned money on the road

How I earned money on the Road ? (Amazing True Story)

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How I earned money on the Road ? (Amazing True Story)

How I earned money on the road


What will you do if you have no money and have been asked to earn money on the road and how much can you earn ?

Sharing a real life example on how being in the given situation and asked to and I earned money on the road


It was a Sunday morning in the March. Weather was comfortable and sun was shining bright.

I happened to reach in a nearby temple where the game was to be announced and played

I was not sure about the purpose of being there except that it was going to be an interesting exercise and far beyond my anticipation

We were a team of four and were given the task.

Task was that we were given 10 Rupees each and we need to go out and earn money with few mentioned conditions

We could not beg from anyone

Need to use our skills to earn money

we cannot tell that we are part of a game

and all this to be done within 2 hours.


As i heard this it gave me shivers down the spine as it seemed to be very challenging task.


So, we took 10 Rs and went on the road. We were a group of 4 and still thinking what to do next .

I was thinking about that what skill should I use and earned money on the road.

A thought came to my mind that I am good in education

Can I do something about it ?

Then one of my friends called out and said that we can offer tuitions to students

That looked like a good idea and everyone promptly agreed to it.

We took an auto and went to nearyby housing societies to find students whom we can teach tuitions

We starting knocking door to door and asked who soever come to the door if there are any children who need tuitions

After some houses, a lady came to the door and said yes my daughter needs tuition.

Which subject-we asked

She answered- Mathematics

We agreed

Then my friend said I will go in this home and asked the lady if any other houses also need tuition

She recommended to a classmate of daughter in the next building and I reached there in no time .


I gave the reference and lady said yes his son wants to read the tuition for mathematics

I willingly agreed

But then added a twist that his son goes for regular tuitions to a coaching class and there are some questions and doubts which even they are not able to resolve

So, will you teach him on those questions and doubts

I said I will try. But I was also thinking that questions must be difficult as even coaching institute is not able to resolve.

Then his son bring the book and fortunately I was able to solve those questions and explain to her son well and son also understood it well.

I taught for more than one hour. About 15-20 minutes extra.

At the end, son gave good feedback to her mother that he has understood well. It means I have taught him well

Then her mother asked about how much  I need to pay you

I said- Whatever you wish is fine with me

She insisted on amount- I said shyly – 10 Rs or 20 Rs

She went inside and came back and gave me 50 Rs note

Although I had earned much larger amount of money in my bank account as salary but this 50 Rs note on my palm gave a satisfaction like never before

50 Rs earned while left on the road with my skill set was a unique achievement as I had never thought about it.

What i gained from this experience was huge and much beyond the monetary value

It helped me discover the self confidence and skill set that can be used to earn money on the road and in a worst situation

Summarizing the answer to question on How I earned money on the road is discover you own skill set at which you are expert at and can leverage to sell that expertise and that will help earned money on the road.

In the evening when everyone reconvened, results were mind blowing . One group had earned 2700 Rs by repairing a car on the road. Another one had earned 400 Rs by selling tea from a stall. Our group earned 200 Rs.

Some could not earn anything but what everyone earned was experience of facing a challenging and uncertain situation and overcoming it which will give them confidence to face similar situations in future.


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How I earned money on the road ?

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