How I recovered lost Laptop at Airport ? (An Amazing story)

How I recovered lost Laptop at Airport
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How I recovered lost Laptop at Airport ?

How I recovered lost Laptop at Airport



We worry about lot of events and what if they happen. None of us want to be in tough situations in life but sometimes it is unavoidable.

It is really awkward to be in these type of situations but being courageous can help you to handle them better

Sharing a real life incident on how I faced a similar situation when my laptop got missing at Mumbai Airport and with presence of mind and staying calm  how i recovered lost laptop at airport

In the evening, I reached at Mumbai airport to catch flight to Hyderabad

It was more crowded than usual
Delicious subway meal was waiting for me!

I placed laptop in plastic box for X-ray check and joined the line to be checked by security person.
There were seven person ahead of me.

A thought came in my mind that will my worst fear come true today ?

There was long Line of people ahead of me.

It took me ten minutes to reach on other side and laptop reached on conveyor in two minutes
As I reached on other side and went to collect laptop, I was shocked because my laptop had gone missing.

But there was some other laptop lying there.
Someone has taken my laptop in a hurry and left his
Now, I was concerned and had flight to catch in some time

Nearby security person noticed the event and smiled at me
He said – looks like someone took away your laptop and kept his.  It happens once in a while.
Give me your contact number and laptop details and we will inform if someone comes back to return your laptop

Then he gave one good suggestion – Try to open the laptop and check whom it belongs to.
As I opened the laptop, a name prompted Mr John ( Name changed to ensure privacy )

Now, I looked at airline departure chart

There were 2 flights boarding in next 1 hour. Hyderabad and Bangalore

Approached airline helpdesk and asked to check if Mr John is travelling in any of flights

They checked back in 2 mins and said that Mr John is not travelling in any of these flights

Time was running out and I had a flight to catch soon !

But then my mind said, how can airline check in 2 mins

So, I approached airline customer support person directly, explained him situation and told can someone check properly, it is important

Then person said let me check directly
He called one of his friends and asked him to check

After five minutes he told me that there is one person Mr John who is travelling in Bangalore flight.
I said get his mobile number.
He got the mobile number.

I called the number and said are you Mr John.
He said – Yes
I said-  Where are you ?
He said – waiting area for Bangalore flight

Stay where you are . you are carrying my laptop. will be there in one minute
I said in one breath
Went downstairs at the Bangalore boarding area and found him.
Exchanged the laptops.

He said- how it happened and how did you find me?
I told – no time today , will call you tomorrow.
Have a flight to catch soon.

Looked at the laptop and hugged it
You understand the importance of things when you lose them than when you have them.
Quite Similar to relationships.

After forty five minutes of roller coaster ride, I got my laptop back. It felt amazing to get it back from hopeless situation

Then I analyzed that how could I get back my laptop where probability of getting it back was very less. I deep dived further that what drove me that I wanted to get it back no matter what.

It was my strong desire which basically turned the odds and got what I wanted

I remembered that when you want something badly, universe conspires to give it back to you

Sounds cliché but true !

P.S- I could get some time at the end to have my favourite subway meal. It tasted much more delicious and satisfying than ever.


This was my real life amazing story on How I recovered lost Laptop at Airport

It also explains how to stay calm in tough situations by keeping a thinking mind, looking  forward to solve the problem through available options and don’t hesitate to ask for help.


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How I recovered lost Laptop at Airport? (An Amazing story)

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