Define your Goal in 2023

Define Your Goal
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Define your goal in 2023

Define Your Goal



Many people chase mutliple activities during the day.

They do lot of hard work but are not satisfied because they do not know their goal.

Not knowing  the goal does not help them to determine the direction in which they want to go.

Most of their efforts go fruitless.

Define your goal is very important if you really want to achieve something specific in life.

A goal gives  you an objective and target against which you can measure your progress.


Sharing a real story on important of clarity of purpose and define your goal


I wanted to take my son for morning walk
Just one round around the society
Calling it a tough and uphill task would be an understatement

because he would make all the excuses
He will try to wake up late

He will say that shoes are not there and now already it is too late for the walk. So, no point going for it.
Finally when ready to walk, he would walk at much slower pace, used to take shortcuts and sit down

He had to be literally picked up and made to walk

One round which alone I used to cover in fifteen minutes, with him now takes thirty minutes.
My individual two rounds of walking alone were reduced to one with him
Alas, I was losing my productivity with him

I thought of using some corporate knowledge and tried to use some management techniques to improve his performance
Can I create this activity one of interest and he may get along easily

One idea struck to my mind and I started telling him interesting stories about my childhood on the walk
His interest increased for hearing interesting stories about me.

Now, we would complete two rounds in the time of one round
He was happy and I was too.

But I started getting short on stories and we started having walks with no stories.
His interest again started to dwindle

Then an interesting twist came in the tale when he met one of his classmates in the society

They both gel well together
His friend was wearing a fitness band and told him he has done 16000 steps in a day
My Son got interested as well and asked fitness band and I purchased one for him

Now, he started measuring steps and wants to beat his friend on 16000 steps.
They both started comparing each other steps daily and look forward to beat each other
I was shocked to hear that one day my son had travelled 18000 steps in a day and he looks forward to do it every day

Things have definitely changed !

Now, my son wakes me up and take me to long walks
My productivity has improved with him

I reflected what has changed and tried to summarize in the language of organization behaviour.

Earlier I was driving him but now he is self driven and motivated

He can measure and improve his performance. Courtesy- Fitness band

He has healthy competition with his friend- Social recognition


This one is most important

He has clarity of goal and defined purpose to wake him up every day !!


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Define your goal

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