Power of Will

Power of Will
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Power of  Will

Power of Will


Where there’s a will, there is a way.  Perhaps tomorrow, if not today- Michele Jennae 


Generally people underestimate that will power would be such an important subject that they have to learn it.


Power of Will is ability to control one’s own thoughts, actions and the way in which you behave.

It can be man’s strongest weapon while facing challenges and overcoming them.


Strong will is essential to surmount despite all the odds and setbacks and determination to achieve goals

This is one of the most important resource a person could extract from deep reservoir of natural strength. With success and practice, it becomes further strong.


People have never thought such a big treasure is lying within us.

You have the ability to control the mind. Expression of your will can overcome mind’s whims and thoughts and direct your energy towards the single goal


When will is strong, external environment also supports with opportunities.

Even if there is no money, no support, no resource but opportunities get opened one by one basis the strong will


Will can be expressed in different ways like mental strength, determination, discipline, commitment and focus.

One of the significant differentiations in sports results is due to exercise of power of will.



Let me share a story on expression of power of will.

One day, a yogi and his disciple arrived to the big city.

They had no money with them, but they needed food and a place to stay.

The disciple was sure that they were going to beg for their food, and then sleep in the park at night.

“There is a big park not far from here. We can sleep there in the night,” said the disciple.

“In the open air?” Asked the yogi.

“Yes”, responded the disciple.

The yogi smiled and said: “No, tonight we are going to sleep in a hotel and eat there too”.

The disciple was amazed and exclaimed, “We cannot afford that!”

“Come and sit-down bedside me”, said the yogi.

They both sat down on the ground, and the yogi said:
“When you focus your mind intently on any subject, it is possible to make it come true.”

The yogi closed his eyes and started to meditate with full concentration. After about ten minutes, he got up and started to walk, with his disciple following him. They walked through several streets and alleys, until they arrived at a hotel.

“Come, let’s enter inside.” The yogi said to his disciple.

They just set foot at the entrance, when a well-dressed man approached them and said:
“I am the manager of this hotel. You look like traveling swamis, and I believe you have no money. Would you like to work in the kitchen, and in return, I’ll give you food and a place to stay?”

“Yes, thank you.” The yogi responded.

The disciple was perplexed, and he asked the yogi: “Did you use any kind of magic? How did you do that?”

The yogi smiled and said:
“I wanted to show you how the power of will and thoughts works. When you think with full and strong concentration about something that you want to happen, have full belief that it is going to happen, and do not listen the doubts of your mind, your thought materializes.

“The secret is concentration, visualization with full details, full faith in the power of your thoughts, and projecting mental and emotional energy into the mental scene that you have created in your mind. These are the general prerequisites.

“When your mind is empty from thoughts, and only one single thought is allowed to enter, this one thought gains great power.

“You should be very careful with what you think. A concentrated thought is powerful, and can exert a very strong influence on the environment.”

The disciple looked at his teacher and said: “My focus is not strong enough. It seems that I have to sharpen my concentration ability in order to be able to use this power like you did.”

“Yes, this is the first step,” the yogi replied, and the next step is to learn to visualize with your imagination. Then, you will be able to use effectively the power of will and thoughts.

If you train your concentration and visualization, you will be able to use effectively the power of your thoughts.”

Many sports champions use the technique of visualization a day before the actual play to make themselves more successful. They dream the perfect game that they are going to play tomorrow and then act it out in the real life.

This short story emphasizes the importance of power of will, focus and visualization, which set the law of attraction into action.


Many ancient yogis in India have used the power to will to do magics and change things.

But will has to directed in the right way and not to create magics.

So How the power of will can be developed or practiced ?

You can start by practicing one activity daily for one hour

For example, daily wake up at 5:30 am in all weathers without fail.

If you can do that, your power of will and strength will increase.

Will power is like a muscle. The more you use it, stronger it gets.

You can resist easy gains like don’t eat what you like the most for one month.

It will also develop your tolerance power.

Power of will is great strength residing within us and by using it in a positive way we can be much more successful in life


If you have willpower, then you can change anything – Dalai Lama


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Power of Will

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