Humility is Powerful

Humility is Powerful
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Humility is Powerful

Humility is Powerful


“Pride makes us artificial and humility makes us real ” – Thomas Merton

“Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself less “ -C. S. Lewis


Humility is powerful and a heavenly quality but equally underrated as well.

It is seen as a symbol of weakness but actually it is symbol of strength.

It helps to have realistic assessment of our capabilities and of our surroundings.

One’s sense of achievements makes us feel proud and also makes us arrogant and humility keep that in check

Humility is powerful and real humility comes from understanding that we are tiny part of this huge universe and success can sometimes be short lived

Failures help us to better understand the causals and teach us humility


People also appreciate those who are humble and humble people easily get support from others

People appreciate and like colleagues who are humble and easily reachable

Practicing humility means you speak and act with confidence, but you never have to talk about yourself to gain importance.


Humility is powerful and looks very complex to people and many times they don’t understand this concept at all

How do I bend before the people and what if they dominate me fully ?

How do I control my ego which gets bruised every time I am dominated by others ?


Humility is powerful and a virtue. Only a strong person who is not perturbed by what others say or act can be humble. A person with humility doesn’t fear anyone.


Humility starts when you are able to overcome ego.

Be kind, honest and transparent with others and give credit to others where it is due.

Gandhiji said “The humble man is unconquerable” So, we must all practice humility in our daily life.


Now let me tell you a story about how humility is powerful  in a person.

Once upon a time, there lived a sage. He spent long years in penance and meditation in order to acquire great power. One day he was sitting in meditation under a tree. Just then, a crane came and sat on the tree. It dropped on the sage. The sage was annoyed. He looked hard at the bird in anger. Lo and behold! The bird was burnt to ashes in no time.

The sage was overjoyed. He had achieved the purpose of his penance. Now he had the power of life and death over other living beings. Everyone should do what he wanted. It was a great power, no doubt.

The sage came out of the forest. He was hungry. He looked around. There was a hut nearby. He stood before the hut and called. No one came out. The sage waited impatiently. At last, the lady came out. She begged forgiveness of the sage for the delay. Then he offered him food.

The sage lost his temper and gave the lady an angry look. He wished her dead for keeping him waiting. But nothing happened. The lady calmly observed, ” I am not a bird to burnt ashes by your anger. Such anger cannot be called wisdom.

Do you know why your power had no effect on me? When you called, I was attending on my husband. My first duty is attending my husband. Your power can do no harm to me when I am doing this duty.”

The sage realised his mistake. His penance had not made him wise. They only made him proud and arrogant. He learned a useful lesson, the lesson that humility is powerful  from the lady. He blessed the lady and left the place.


This is an amazing story which proves that humility is powerful and bigger than arrogance.


Sharing another real-life story from my experience

Once my grandfather was going on a road.

He was wearing a flashy white new kurta pyjama on that day. He was going for a walk in a very happy mood.

As he was going on the road, lot of wet mud came from a side and splashed on his new kurta.

It was fully drenched and got dirty.

There was some labour working on the roadside.

They got petrified and now that this gentleman will be angry and scold us like anything.

My grandfather did not say a single word to them

They were very surprised why did this person did not say a single word to us and with some courage they asked him.

Why did you not get angry?

He said even if I get angry what will it change.

Whatever was to happen as already happened.

So, no point getting angry.

Looking at your faces I could make out that you have understood your mistake and will not repeat in future.

That is enough for me.

Labours were quite pleased with his demeanour and appreciated him fully.


This story has a deep impression on my mind.

Importance of not losing your cool in tough situations and staying calm with kindness for others is also a sign of humility and shows that humility is powerful.


How can we build humility in day-to-day life?

Understanding humility is also the understanding that we are a small part of the universe

And for our success we are dependent upon many external circumstances

Humility is powerful and has many benefits as well. It will bring unparalleled peace of mind and allow you to connect strongly with people

If you start practicing it, you will feel liberated from the cage of human ego.


Another story on Humility is powerful is from the times of Gautam Buddha.

King Prasenjit was a man of great ego, so he took out the most precious diamond from his treasure to present to Gautam buddha.

He did not want to go there as an ordinary man.

Everybody had to know in fact, he wanted everybody to know,

“Who is greater- Gautam Buddha or Prasenjit?

That diamond was so precious that many fights had happened, wars had happened over it.

His wife laughed and she said, “You are absolutely unaware of the man I’m taking you to.

It is better you take a flower rather than a stone to present to him.

He could not understand but he said,

There is no harm. I can take both. Let us see

When he reached there, he offered his diamond, which he was carrying in one of his hands and Buddha said simply, “Drop it”

Naturally, what can you do?

He dropped it.

He thought that perhaps his wife was right.

In the other hand he was carrying the lotus, and as he tried to offer the lotus.

Buddha said: Drop it”

He dropped that too, and became a little afraid.: the man seemed to be insane!

But ten thousand disciples were there….

And Prasenjit stood there thinking that these people must believe that he was stupid.

And Buddha said the third time, don’t you listen to me? Drop it!

Prasenjit thought, “he is really gone” Now I have dropped the diamond. I have dropped the lotus.

Now I don’t have anything.

And at that very moment, Sariputta started laughing.

His laugher turned Prasenjit towards him and he asked

Why are you laughing?

He said, “You don’t understand the language. He is not saying drop the demand., he is not saying drop the lotus.

He is saying drop yourself, drop the ego.

You can have the diamond and you can have the lotus, but drop the ego.

Don’t take it back


Humility is powerful and there is no doubt about that. But at the same time inculcating humility is a journey in itself. Journey of improving our understanding of ourselves and universe around us. Journey of understanding others and be kind to them.

Biggest benefit of Humility is that it will bring you great mental peace, joy and happiness.


Don’t be too arrogant or proud of yourself. We are tiny part of this universe. Life is ephemeral and its surety can be equal to duration till next breath. If breath goes away, you will also go away – Anupam Shrotary


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Humility is Powerful

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